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Go Japanese with these nori seaweed rolls

3rd August 2018

Nori Rolls

Nori Rolls


When you want a change from sandwiches or just something a little different, try these nori rolls. I hesitate to call them sushi as they are a bit rough and ready (though it was my first attempt!). That said, they taste wonderful and are very quick to make. The grease-proof paper is essential to help with rolling the nori  tightly so that it doesn’t fall apart.

Three or four of these rolls are sufficient for one person.

You could cut the finished roll into daintier slices to serve as a starter or as canapes.

On a nutritional note, the seaweed provides iodine, often low in the Western diet. This is especially true if you don’t eat fish. Iodine is important for thyroid function.

What to do:

You’ll need a ripe avocado or some cold mashed sweet potato.  Some of my stand-by carrot and courgette salad (just grate some carrots and courgettes together) and the topping of your choice (see suggestions below).

Place a sheet of nori seaweed (in packs from supermarkets or health food shops)  on a piece of grease-proof paper (it should be longer and wider than the nori sheet).

Spread  the nori with a thin layer of mashed avocado or mashed sweet potato. Cover with a thin layer of grated carrot and courgette and top with  one of the following: grated  goat’s cheese, mashed chick peas, prawns, flaked smoked mackerel , shredded chicken, beluga lentils (ready-cooked in a pack by Merchant Gourmet),  or tinned salmon. To keep it raw, top with alfalfa, sprouted chick peas or chopped cashews.  The possibilities are endless!

Roll up the nori sheet tightly inside the grease-proof paper and cut into 5 or 6 pieces with a serrated wet knife and you have a meal for two.  Serve with a steamed vegetable or a salad.