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There is no such thing as the “average person” when it comes to health and diet: you are unique and have your own individual requirements for nutrients to support the major systems in the body towards a state of optimal health. Nutritional therapy aims to stimulate the body’s powerful healing capacity to restore good health, rather than masking symptoms. Often just small changes to diet and lifestyle can bring about significant health improvements. The effects of good food on your body will delight and amaze you.

Case studies:

Simple changes to daily food habits resolve distressing, long-term gut symptoms

I’d say that most people I see in my clinic have some sort of gut discomfort. Bloating, diarrhoea, acid reflux, constipation and pain are common complaints. Read More

Nutritional therapy resolves endometriosis pain

Sally, a nurse, first came to see me last summer. She had recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and was in a lot of pain for several days a month. Read More

Low moods, anxiety and fatigue resolved with nutritional therapy

Michael, a family man in his 30s, has struggled with depression, anxiety, fatigue and other health problems for several years. Read More

Nutritional therapy kick-starts weight loss and a sluggish thyroid

When she first came to see me, Julie was exhausted, bloated, constipated and feeling very anxious much of the time. Read More

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