When she first came to see me, Julie was exhausted, bloated, constipated and feeling very anxious much of the time. She was unhappy that she couldn’t shift the weight piling on round her middle.

Fast forward two months and four nutritional therapy consultations later and Julie is a different person. She has lost 13lbs, has shaved several centimetres from her navel and hips and my body composition monitor shows that her body fat is reducing. Julie was delighted that within a few weeks her bowels started to work properly for the first time in years. And there’s more: she feels a lot calmer, doesn’t feel hungry between meals, the bloating has subsided, previous food cravings have gone and she is enjoying delicious meals.

Several years ago Julie was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid for which she takes daily medication. I recommended a simple urine test which showed poor conversion of the thyroid hormone T4 to T3 and a low level of iodine; this conversion process and iodine are essential for efficient thyroid function.

Taking into account Julie’s aims for nutritional therapy, health history ,medication, test results and symptoms, I put together a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, including some nutritional supplements, to restore health and energy.

Julie’s body shape has changed dramatically in eight weeks and with it her outlook on life. Whereas before she felt tired and low, now she is energised and enjoying life.

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When she first came to see me, Julie was exhausted, bloated, constipated and feeling very anxious much of the time. Read More

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