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Creamy almond milk

16th April 2017

Just three ingredients- almonds, water and dates – blend together to make a healthy drink.   This delicious and versatile nut milk can be used in cooking, on granola and porridge and in smoothies; it’s also good in coffee.

My favourite gadget for producing a smooth, creamy almond milk is a Nutribullet®  but you can use a blender or food processor.

You’ve made it yourself from a few ingredients so you know what it contains- no questionable additives and thickeners, just pure goodness.


use raw, whole almonds in their skin

ingredients and equipment:

125gr/4  1/2 oz whole, unsalted almond with skin on (organic, if possible)

500ml/16 fl oz filtered water

2 stoneless dates (optional)

a Nutribullet® with extractor blade, a blender or food processor

A fine sieve, a piece of muslin (optional)

A large jug or glass bottle with a stopper to hold a pint of liquid

What to do:

Put the almonds in a glass or ceramic bowl and soak overnight/for 10 hours or more. Drain and rinse the almonds –  they should be soft and slightly swollen after a long soak.  Put the almonds, filtered water and dates (if using) into your processor of choice. Blend until the nuts have been reduced to a pulp and the liquid is fairly smooth with brown speckles. Pour through a sieve into a glass or ceramic jug; for a finer liquid, you can line the sieve with a piece of muslin (from cook shops).Cover the jug and keep the milk in the fridge for up to 5 days, or transfer to a stoppered bottle.  Don’t throw the almond pulp away- it gives an extra boost of protein to soups, porridge and smoothies.

Use this delicious, nutty milk in soups,sauces,  smoothies, coffee and on porridge or home made granola. Blend in some berries for a refreshing summer drink. the possibilities are endless!

image courtesy of Nuts for Life